Later New Curiosity and Clues Emerged

My daughters had always encouraged me to continue the quest for finding my birth mother for family history background. My heritage, health and possible hereditary conditions, living half brothers and sisters and of course my biological father.

November of 2018 daughter Sally was reviewing a local Grinnell website named “You Know You Are From Grinnell When” when she ran across a posting referring to an article on a blog “Grinnell Stories” titled “Illegitimacy and Abortion in 1920s-1930s Grinnell” written and researched by Dan Kaiser, Professor Emeritus of Russian History at Grinnell College

In this article was the mention of Margaret Madison.

What is most incredible is that this article was compiled and written from information in an admission book from the 20’s and 30’s at the St. Francis Hospital and heretofore was unknown but contained valuable information that aided in our continuing research. This admission book was found at the incredibly popular What Cheer, IA Flea Market in 2017 by Rae Meyer of the Mayflower Community and given to Scott Gruehn, director of food services for the Mayflower Home and board member of the Grinnell Historical Museum. Scott grabbed this treasure and then donated it to the museum. Dan Kaiser then wrote the article that Sally mentioned “Illegitimacy and Abortion in the 1920’s-1930’s Grinnell” soon after.

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Next segment The Search For Margaret Madison Continues.